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Art Menu Offerings

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Art Show

Did you know that at the end of every workshop, we have a special Art Show to recognize our young artists and their accomplishments?   This is a spectacular affirmation for children.  All of our workshops beginning in January will conclude with a Spring Art Show, too!  Spring Art Show is April 18th 6:30-8:00pm!

Here's what we made in our Fiber Arts Class!

Here’s a glimpse into our Wednesday night 2D Art Workshop.

January Workshop Offerings

Acrylic Pour Class “Make a Class”


Standard Acrylic Pour Class

Acrylic Pour Classes are held occasionally at the studio.  Advanced registration is required.  You’ll learn  how to get started with acrylic pours which are totally addicting and unexpected.  You’ll also learn a cool technique for creating cells in your artwork (cells are the little circles you see within the painting).  We’ve added different options below to fit everyone’s needs.  All pours are done on small, square canvases & tiles.  Missed our class? Make your own class with 5 friends. Email us to schedule a time that works with your schedule.

Acrylic Pour Pricing Options

Per Person (FYI- tiles can be used as coasters or be hung in shadow boxes)

$48 for 3 canvases + 4 tiles

$36 for 3 canvases

$30 for 2 canvases + 2 tiles

$24 for 2 canvases 


Acrylic Pour Swipe Wave

This is a class where you'll make a large canvas acrylic pour wave.  Two people can work on one canvas.  Class takes about 1 1/2-2 hours.  $35 per canvas. 

Gather 5 Friends & Make a Class

Have a private class with your closest friends.  This pour is appropriate for kids through adults.  Great for those beachy, VSCO and salt water- loving people!

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Acrylic Dutch Pour

Learn the acrylic Dutch pour and create an abstract pour that is even more unpredictable than our standard pour.  This pour process is interesting.  Check it out on our YouTube page to get a glimpse of the process involved.  Make 1 large canvas $35

Gather 5 Friends & Make a Class

 Have a private class with your closest friends.  Gather 5 friends to make a class.

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Sibling Discounts

Teachers, First Responders & Military Discounts

Teachers, First Responders & Military Discounts

Enjoy 25% off your 2nd child on any Makers Art Studio Class or Workshop.

*All Spring Art Workshops are excluded as discounts will be given at time of booking our 2 for $35 deal.


Teachers, First Responders & Military Discounts

Teachers, First Responders & Military Discounts

Teachers, First Responders & Military Discounts

Enjoy 15% off on any class or workshop for you &/or your children.  Thank you for all you do!



Open Art Night


Drop off your child while you go out to dinner, enjoy a date or stay and watch as your child explores different mini workstations featuring art projects and activities. Your child will leave with a creation or two or three. Open Art Nights are completely child-centered. This is designed for children ages 5 & up. Reserve your child's craft seat as seats fill up quickly.  Reservations can be made on our Register for Classes tab.  Your child's seat will be reserved upon receipt of payment.

Adults ~ “Make a Class”


Makers Art Studio offers private parties & classes including bridal showers, wedding showers or girls night out.  Private classes are available for a minimum of 5 people and are priced dependent on the project you are interested in.   See below for sample pricing.  We will happily work with you to determine what your interests are so a project can be designed with this in place. Private classes begin at $24 per person with a minimum of 6 people * some may be higher depending upon the chosen project. If you are interested in a private class, call Makers Art Studio or email us at info@makersartstudio.com. A 50% deposit is required to secure the date and class.  The remaining balance will need to be paid the day of the event.  Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the event in order to receive a deposit refund.

Acrylic pour are only offered as a class- not a drop-in.  Make your own acrylic pour class if you gather 5 friends. 

Sandard Acrylic Pour Options (per person)

$48 for 3 canvases + 4 tiles

$36 for 3 canvases

$30 for 2 canvases + 2 tiles

$24 for 2 canvases 

Acrylic Pour Swipe, Wave or Dutch Pour

Painting on large canvas- $35 per person

3D Painting on Canvas Plaster Relief (like our Anchor & Mermaid Tail Paintings) $35per person

Private Lessons


Makers offers private lessons. Lessons are given in 30 minute increments typically once a week at $35.00 per lesson (including materials). Prior to your first lesson, we’d discuss your personal goals and what specifically you are interested in learning more about. For a basic child’s art lesson, he or she will be taught in alignment with the standards for a typical art education program in school. For example, the Elements of Art (line, shape, color, etc.) and the Principles of Design will be the main focus of this series of lessons. Requests can be made for specific lessons. These may focus on a medium, such as watercolors or maybe crochet. Please contact us to discuss your specific wants and needs so we can develop lessons that will suit you and your goals.

Corporate Team Building


Makers Art Studio provides artistic targeted events for businesses and corporations’ staff. A team building event with Makers fosters an improved atmosphere and a focus on teamwork. Choose from one of the three events specified on our Parties & Events tab that will best suit your business while boosting morale. Makers will work with you to develop an event specific to your business’ needs and objectives. Need Makers to come to you??? An additional $100.00 travel/set-up fee will be added to the price as indicated in the Parties & Events tab.

· Boosts Citizenship

· Encourages Teamwork & Communication skills

· Fosters the ability to assess, plan and evaluate

· Increases a positive atmosphere & morale

· Reinforces the ability to “Think outside of the box”


Click here for more information on our parties & specific team building events offered.

In addition, the following classes are also offered.


Mommy & Me

This class is not only Mommy and Me, but includes….Daddy or Grandma and Me. Any two individuals (adult and child) can attend. This class will be a project that you can work on together or separately but coordinates. This is a fun night out where you can create and spend some quality time together.

Couples Class

Looking for a fun date night? Join us for our monthly date night were couples can come and create an art projects. Art projects differ each month so please visit our Upcoming Classes Page for specific details.

Boy Scout/ Girl Scouts

Need to earn an art badge? Let Makers Art Studio help your troop. We can help your troop earn their art badges by designing projects that meet the requirements set forth by the Boys and Girls Scouts. Starts at $12 per child.

 Visit our Register for Classes tab for specific classes offered and to register. 

Home school Field Trips Available

Take a field trip to Makers Art Studio.  We offer 2 options ~ 1 1/2 hour class (starts at $12 per child)  or 2 hour class (starts at $16 per child). Prices dependent upon the type of project and medium used.  

Senior/Assisted Living Art Program ~ We Come To You! Click download below for information.